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‘Bat ears’, ’big ears’ - prominent ears can knock your confidence

Earfold® can help treat the most common cause of prominent ears

Prominent ears are thought to affect 1-2% of the UK population, and can negatively impact people’s lives. Children in particular may suffer due to being teased, but many adults also feel unhappy with how their ears look, which can reduce self confidence. Earfold® has been designed specifically to treat adults and children aged seven or above with prominent ears, and aims to help them get their self-confidence back.

When you look at your ear you can see various folds and curves. Earfold® will be of most benefit to people with poor development of the antihelical fold, which is the cause of the majority of prominent ears. However, in some cases, prominence is due to having a deep conchal bowl. If this is the sole cause of your ear prominence, Earfold® may not be right for you.

To see if your ears are suitable for treatment with Earfold®, simply book a consultation at your nearest Earfold® clinic. The consultant will quickly confirm whether or not Earfold® is right for you.
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“All through growing up and primary school I'd always be teased and called the usual names, ‘big ears’, something really creative like that.” Toby, 36

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