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What you can expect from the Earfold® procedure

Consultation and positioning

Your consultation is your opportunity to see if Earfold® is right for you, and choose how your ears will look BEFORE the permanent implants are put in on the day of your procedure.

First, you and your consultant will discuss how you feel about the current position of your ears, and how you would like them to look with Earfold®.

Then you and your consultant will change the position of your ears by using 1 or 2 temporary positioners per ear. Where they are on the outside of your ear is exactly where your consultant will insert them under the skin on the day of your procedure. So you are in control of the new position of your ears. The use of temporary positioners to decide the final look of the ear is unique to Earfold®, and cannot easily be achieved with standard otoplasty.

To find out more about what you can expect at your consultation, see real Earfold® patients have theirs in the video above.

“I wanted my ears flat against my head but you ultimately decide if you want it a little bit back. It’s so adjustable and it’s so quick. You have ultimate control of how you look." Kathleen, 26

The Earfold® procedure

The Earfold® procedure typically takes about 20 minutes, and only uses local anaesthetic. Here's a summary of what you can expect on the day of your procedure:

  1. The position of the implants that you agreed will be marked on your ear.
  2. A local anaesthetic will be administered to numb your ears.
  3. A small incision (8-10mm long) will be made.
  4. The Earfold® implants will be inserted into your ear with a small handheld device.
  5. Once inserted, the Earfold® implants immediately help to correct your ear prominence.
  6. The small incision will be closed with sutures and dressed with some sterile tape.


“Takes typically fifteen to twenty minutes and can be carried out under a local anaesthetic.” Mr Kang, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and inventor of Earfold®


“The procedure didn't affect my working life at all. I had a half day off the day before and back the next day, absolutely fine.” Toby, 36

Earfold® has been designed to be as minimally invasive as possible, but it is a medical treatment, so there are a few things to bear in mind after the procedure:

  • Because of the local anaesthetic your ears will feel a little numb for a while (like after you've been to the dentist for a filling).
  • You may also feel some minor pain after the procedure, which should fade within a couple of days.
  • There may be some swelling or bruising, but this will fade over the week following the treatment.
  • Your ears may feel a little more sensitive for a while, so although it's fine to wash your hair or shower, be gentle.
  • You should try and sleep on your back for up to four weeks to avoid pressure on your ears.
  • Try and avoid swimming or contact sports for four weeks or so to let the implants settle.
  • Avoid wearing earrings for two weeks or so to reduce any risk of infection.
  • Try not to smoke for 3 months, because nicotine reduces the blood supply to your ear, which greatly increases the risk of complications. This is also true of e-cigarettes and nicotine patches or chewing gum.

UK/0879/2016i February 2017