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The different types of traditional ear pinning

There are different types of ear pinning (otherwise known as ‘otoplasty’) out there. Traditional ear pinning is normally carried out under general anaesthetic (though in some cases local anaesthetic may be used) and the operation lasts for up to two hours. Recovery time is up to six weeks.

Earfold® is an alternative treatment for prominent ears. A minimally invasive implant that corrects prominent ears simply with a short recovery compared to otoplasty. Earfold® is suitable for adults and children aged seven or above and means: 

  • Short recovery – no bandages so you can return to work as soon as you feel comfortable
  • You can choose the position of your ears BEFORE treatment
  • Fast treatment – the procedure typically takes about 20 minutes for both ears
  • The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic

For an expert view on Earfold® compared to traditional ear pinning watch the video here.

“Most traditional prominent ear correction procedures would require a bandage following the surgery, whether for one day or for seven days. The Earfold® device doesn’t need any dressings at all, just a simple sticky bit of paper.” Mr O’Toole, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and ear specialist

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Toby's Earfold® story

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